The Hon Peter Garrett AM

Honorary Life Members

From time to time, ACF awards Honorary Life Membership to a member in recognition of their outstanding contribution to our work.

Dr Moss Cass, 1982
Dr Bob Brown, 1983
Dr Geoff Mosley, 1987
Emeritus Professor Hal Wootton AC QC, 1989
Dr Aila Keto AO, 1990
Mr Geoffrey Goode, 1990
Ms Annelie Holden, 1992
Mr Trevor Blake, 1999
Mrs Beryl Blake, 1999
Mr Mark Wootton, 2001
Ms Eve Kantor, 2001
Dr bro Scheffield-Brotherton, 2005
Ms Penelope Figgis AM AO, 2005
The Hon Peter Garrett AM, 2005
Mr Bill Paine, 2006
Ms Cate Blanchett AC, 2011
Mr Gavin Wigginton, 2013
Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe AO, 2014
Mr Geoffrey Cousins AM, 2018


Header image: Cowley Falls, QLD.
Photo: Kerry Trapnell