In response to reports Adani has secured financing for its polluting coal mine, and is close to securing financing for an associated rail line, Australian Conservation Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

“These comments confirm what we have known for some time; Adani are serious about building their dirty coal mine and it is time for our elected representatives to side with the wider community and stop it.

“Digging up and burning coal from the Adani mine will unleash huge amounts of climate pollution, which will accelerate damage to the Great Barrier Reef and turbo charge dangerous extreme weather events like bushfires, heatwaves and floods.

“Adani’s polluting coal mine will also trash critical habitat for precious native species like the Black-throated finch. And it will be allowed to guzzle our critical groundwater.

“This is not a project that represents the best interests of the community and the natural world we rely on. Now, more than ever, we need a commitment from all political parties that they will stop this polluting coal mine before it wrecks our safe climate and natural world.

“Community action has driven our elected representatives to stop these kinds of dangerous and environment-wrecking projects in the past. The Franklin River flows freely today as testament to this.

“The community campaign to stop Adani’s polluting coal mine is the biggest environmental movement in Australia since the Franklin River dam protests. We will continue to organise against Adani’s dirty coal mine until it is stopped, and the Galilee Basin is closed for coal mining.”

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