Opposition leader Peter Dutton has shown he is out of touch with the majority of Australians by saying he would abandon the 2030 climate target if he wins the next federal election.  

It is the responsibility of elected representatives to keep citizens safe but Mr Dutton’s climate inertia would lock Australians into a future of more extreme weather like bushfires, floods and deadly storms, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

“This is our critical decade for action – we must take meaningful action to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 to stop runaway climate change,” said ACF Chief Executive Kelly O’Shanassy.

“2023 was the hottest year on record and 2024 is shaping up to smash those records, which is a clear indication we’re heading in the wrong direction.

“It is inappropriate for Mr Dutton to even suggest burning fossil fuels like gas well into the 2040s.

“World scientists, and even the International Energy Agency, say there must be no new fossil fuel projects to keep global temperatures in line with the Paris Agreement.

“Mr Dutton’s plans would damage our relationships with key allies that expect Australia to be part of the global effort to tackle climate change.

“Mr Dutton is banking on a nuclear fantasy Australia doesn’t need and Australians don’t want.

“The proposal to establish nuclear energy in Australia is a delay and distract tactic to extend the life of fossil fuels.

“When so many families are struggling to make ends meet, it is out of touch to promote the most expensive form of energy.

“Mr Dutton’s position goes against the wishes of Australians who want to create a safe liveable climate for our kids, grandkids and generations to come.”

Header pic by Nick Bauer

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