Federal government must maintain environmental protection role

30 November 15

In Northern Queensland, we have recently seen a spate of large scale land clearing at Olive Vale and Strathmore stations threatening endangered species and damaging Australia's efforts to tackle climate change

More dangerous bushfires in our future if we don't take action on climate change

26 November 15

There are no climate change sceptics at the end of a fire hose, writes Peter Marshall and Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

If Unionists And Environmentalists Work Together Climate Change Can Become An Opportunity

26 November 15

Moving our economy to a low-emissions future can help create jobs and overcome social disadvantage. But only if we work together, write Colin Long, Troy Gray, and Victoria McKenzie-McHarg.

Coal subsidy deal puts Australia on the wrong track

24 November 15

Australia is getting left behind by a world ready to move beyond coal, writes Hannah Aulby

The Kakadu Charter which helped stop a uranium mine marks 15 years of shared values

16 November 15

This week marks a significant anniversary in a landmark battle to protect a people, and a place. Justin O’Brien and Dave Sweeney explain.

People power the force behind action on climate change

13 November 15

Australia ignores red light on uranium exports to India

13 November 15

Carmichael coal mine: we want to stop it in its tracks

12 November 15