17 September 15

Connections between Australian politics and coal lobby run deep

Public transparency is at a loss when there are links to the coal industry on both sides of politics - while community groups looking to protect the environment are labeled as extremists, writes ACF economist Matt Rose

09 September 15

India uranium red-light a test for Tony Abbott

While Prime Minister Abbott and Foreign Minister Bishop have been strong supporters of selling Australian uranium to India, many others, including key Australian diplomats and insiders, remain far more circumspect, writes Dave Sweeney

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02 September 15

Abbott’s safeguard mechanism is effectively a license to pollute

The Abbott Government’s safeguard mechanism released today begs the prickly question: is the Government simply safeguarding the right to pollute, asks Suzanne Harter

27 August 15

Coal price crash should derail Joe Hockey's railway to nowhere

Treasurer Joe Hockey Joe could be funding a railway to nowhere using vital Northern Australia infrastructure funding, writes ACF economist Matthew Rose

21 August 15

No Time to Waste on responsible radioactive waste management

As Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane prepares to announce a shortlist of possible sites to host Australia’s radioactive waste, challenges facing the goal of responsible radioactive waste management remain, writes Dave Sweeney

20 August 15

Government has backed a loser in coal

Cynically stripping away the rights of communities to defend a clean environment is not the type of behaviour we expect from the government, writes ACF President Geoff Cousins

05 August 15

Obama’s clean energy plan puts Australia’s ‘direct action’ in the spotlight

The Abbott government's efforts basically give a free kick to the dirtiest polluters, writes ACF president Geoff Cousins

14 July 15

There's an ill wind blowing from Canberra on renewable energy

The Abbott Government has taken its anti-renewables campaign to new levels, and is essentially sending a message that Australia is not open for business if you are a wind developer, writes Victoria McKenzie McHarg.

08 July 15

Extinction of more threatened Australian species is not inevitable

Extinction is not an inevitable consequence of Australian progress. How much we want to keep our native species is a choice we make as a nation, writes James Trezise

06 July 15

The heat is rising on Australia

All over the world we are seeing unlikely alliances form and voices of leadership cutting through as global communities rise up to tackle climate change - as we have seen this week through the Climate Change roundtable, writes Victoria McKenzie-McHarg