16 November 15

The Kakadu Charter which helped stop a uranium mine marks 15 years of shared values

This week marks a significant anniversary in a landmark battle to protect a people, and a place. Justin O’Brien and Dave Sweeney explain.

13 November 15

People power the force behind action on climate change

The fact that world leaders are coming together to discuss climate change is good. But let's not forget that ordinary people are taking to the streets to make their voices heard, writes Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

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13 November 15

Australia ignores red light on uranium exports to India

The federal government has delivered a stiff slap in the face to due process and evidence-based policy development by ignoring an unambiguous red light on planned uranium sales to India, writes Dave Sweeney

12 November 15

Carmichael coal mine: we want to stop it in its tracks

The Carmichael project is wrong on economic and environmental grounds, writes ACF President Geoff Cousins


04 November 15

Moral duplicity behind India coal push

There is a naked disingenuousness to the arguments being put forward about expanding Australia’s coalmining sector to help lift Indians out of poverty, writes ACF President Geoff Cousins

30 October 15

Nuclear ambitions must put safety first

The government should pay heed to the findings of the JSCOT report and not be rushed by those with poor track records and overt atomic agendas, writes Dave Sweeney

28 October 15

Australia's policy on nuclear waste is all at sea

It sounds like a radio station but instead it's a radioactive shipment. And it's on its way to Sydney, writes Dave Sweeney

27 October 15

Government needs to get on board the energy transition

World leaders will soon gather in Paris in December for the UN Climate Change Conference. Meanwhile, in Australia, a live debate is underway that will dramatically alter Australia’s environmental and economic future, writes Matt Rose.

27 October 15

Let’s try to prevent a dinosaur economy

THE decision by Origin Energy to close Australia’s largest coal power station shows that policy leadership is needed to accelerate an energy transition that is already under way, writes Hannah Aulby

23 October 15

The Trudeau effect: has climate inaction become an election-losing strategy?

All over the world political leaders are being held to account for irresponsible climate policies by a growing community of people who want to see swift decisive action on climate change. The Canadian election provides the latest example, writes Suzanne Harter