11 May 16

Transition from dirty to clean energy a priority election issue

Approving new coal mines like the massive Adani mine in the Galilee Basin has no place in the 21st century, writes Paul Sinclair

06 May 16

'Harmless'? The dangerous language around nuclear waste

Terms like ‘harmless’ waste are misleading and downplay the seriousness of the problem with nuclear waste, writes Dave Sweeney.

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05 May 16

This budget was a travesty for the environment

What the budget revealed was that the Government's conception of economic transition is extremely narrow, and lacks vision or a coherent narrative, writes Matt Rose

02 May 16

Australia is fast becoming the land of ghost mines

Australia is becoming a land of ghost mines – where companies that have profited from the mining boom are abandoning old depleted mine sites without taking responsibility for their environmental impacts, writes Hannah Aulby

26 April 16

Tree clearing threatens future of clean, green agriculture

A re-thinking of Queensland’s vegetation management laws needs to happen now, writes Andrew Picone

26 April 16

That was then, this is now

Chernobyl’s legacy and Australia’s uranium

21 April 16

Australia is the hollow man of global climate action

Australia will be among the nations gathered in New York this week to sign onto the Paris climate agreement – but despite seeking to project a perception of credibility on climate, the Turnbull Government is still implementing the retrogressive policies from the Abbott era – and that needs to change.

08 April 16

Queensland government chooses polluters over people with Adani

Why are the State and Federal government siding with Adani rather than listening to the many Australians who want to protect the Great Barrier Reef, asks Kelly O'Shanassy.