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Our government is considering unlocking radioactive waste from secure storage at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation's purpose-built facility where it was made.

From there it would be trucked through many of our communities to be dumped in the town of Kimba in regional South Australia, without any long-term plan.

Radioactive waste risks our air, soil and water. It damages the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. And this waste lasts for up to ten thousand years.

This dangerous waste cannot be trucked through and left in our communities without a long-term plan. It makes no sense.

It makes no sense to move this waste without a long-term plan. There are too many risks and too many communities that have had no say. 

Double handling this waste means twice the trouble and twice the risk.

Our government has called for input on this decision from “anyone with an interest, no matter where they live."

So let's speak out to protect our communities! 

Sign the open letter now asking Resource Minister Keith Pitt to keep the radioactive waste sealed away and out of our communities:

As people from all across Australia, we call on the federal government and Keith Pitt to keep the radioactive waste securely stored at Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation purpose-built facility and out of our communities, including Kimba, South Australia.

The waste cannot be trucked through our communities until a credible long-term solution is found. 

Latest Supporters

Let’s make sense and be logical Matt Canavan. Don’t move the radioactive wastes and store it on SA. Our family lives on SA. The risk is too high. Why are we spending tax payer’s money, our money, on this? Why don’t you use the money to help public schools install more gardens, or solar panels, or rainwater tanks??
Ivina 2019-12-11 20:49:50 +1100
No nuclear Matt Canavan. Solar. Wind. Hydro is safe.
Karen 2019-12-11 19:12:24 +1100
I was born & raised in SA, the risks to the state are far too high to store nuclear waste. Kill off this proposal.
Belinda 2019-12-11 18:36:27 +1100
renny 2019-12-11 15:47:17 +1100
All South Australians voted a definite NO to this proposal
It is not a decision for two small towns to make
Make decisions that will provide a safe and healthy future for our children
There is more to life than money
Susan 2019-12-11 15:43:25 +1100
The radioactive waste should stay at Lucas Heights where there is many years of maintaining this highly toxic material. It should not be travelling over our country whether by road or ship due to the very high risks of accidental disposal and all the ramifications of that. It must not be stored in the Flinders Ranges which has already been found to be highly unsatisfactory for storing waste of this nature.
Moya 2019-12-11 15:41:10 +1100
Sallie 2019-12-11 15:07:47 +1100
Amy 2019-12-11 13:48:33 +1100
As an Australian Indigenous women we have lost a lot of our ways our kinship and land/country and families, so when I hear and see this and more still happening in today society it not only makes me cry tears but also cry angry tears if we the people of Australia come together as one we can STOP a lot more then we realise, our country plants and animals insects need our voices. Here is mine Stop to think of your children’s future and what will be lost forever.
Barb 2019-12-11 12:24:15 +1100
Julie 2019-12-11 10:57:16 +1100
We are Primary Producers in the Flinders Ranges Council area. WE DON’T WANT a Nuclear dump in the grazing land which is outside of our Flinders Ranges Council area. We few FRC ratepayers, SHOULDN’T have the responsibility, of deciding where our Australian Nuclear waste is stored. It should be stored in an area selected under IAEA guidelines. NOT in an area prone to earthquakes, water inundation AND with shallow ground water. WE DON’T WANT A NUCLEAR DUMP in our region. An ill planned dump in the wrong place.
Dean 2019-12-11 10:47:48 +1100
Bernadette Gould
Bernadette 2019-12-11 10:32:07 +1100
Alexander 2019-12-11 09:41:48 +1100
Adele Rye
Adele 2019-12-11 09:01:15 +1100
Transporting Nuclear waste not only puts those living at the final destination at risk but all those communities along the way. Who’s to say what happened at Lucas Heights won’t happen again? A spill can never be completly cleaned up. Exposure to radiation threatens our lives, our agriculture, our land and every living organism on this planet. It is toxic waste and we should be looking at greener ways of living. I will not let this go ahead. It must remain where it is.
Michelle 2019-12-11 00:55:48 +1100
No nuclear waste dump is welcome anywhere in South Australia or anywhere for that matter.
Chrysanthy 2019-12-10 21:39:27 +1100
Adam 2019-12-10 20:50:06 +1100
Paul Richards
Paul 2019-12-10 18:33:23 +1100
Dorothy 2019-12-10 18:02:55 +1100
Kirsten 2019-12-10 14:58:20 +1100
Gigi 2019-12-10 11:58:44 +1100
Barbara 2019-12-10 11:34:16 +1100
Heather 2019-12-10 11:00:00 +1100
Jessica 2019-12-10 08:49:09 +1100
It is my will that the radioactive waste stored at Lucas Heights remain where it is. The risks during transportation and the risks to air, soil, water, flora and fauna it poses at the South Australian site are too great to even consider such a move.
Bridgette 2019-12-10 08:26:46 +1100
Francesca 2019-12-10 08:11:44 +1100
Daisuke 2019-12-10 07:57:33 +1100
Dont be stupid, why put communities at risk? Perhaps it should be mandatory for people who work for the government to have a higher level of intelligence before being allowed to work in politics /parliament. its ridiculous how stupid the majority are these days.
Janet 2019-12-10 07:43:55 +1100
It is my will that the radioactive waste stored at Lucas Heights remain where it is. The risks during transportation and the risks to air, soil, water, flora and fauna it poses at the South Australian site are too great to even consider such a move.
Pamela 2019-12-09 20:56:23 +1100
Kathy 2019-12-09 19:54:50 +1100