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Our government is considering unlocking radioactive waste from secure storage in southern Sydney.

Why? To put it on a truck and haul it all the way to either the Flinders Ranges or the Eyre Peninsula in regional South Australia. 

Radioactive waste risks our air, soil and water. It damages the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. And this waste lasts for up to ten thousand years.

The waste cannot be trucked through our communities. There are too many risks and too many communities that have had no say. 

Double handling this waste means twice the trouble and twice the risk.

Our government has called for input on this decision from “anyone with an interest, no matter where they live."

So let's speak out to protect our communities! 

Sign the open letter now asking Resource Minister Matt Canavan to keep the radioactive waste sealed away and out of communities in New South Wales and South Australia:

As people from all across Australia, we call on the federal government and Matt Canavan to keep the radioactive waste securely stored at Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation in Lucas Heights, Sydney, and out of communities in New South Wales and South Australia.

The waste cannot be trucked through our communities for dumping until a credible storage solution is found. 

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Sue 2019-12-09 15:21:31 +1100
April 2019-12-09 14:39:26 +1100
Mr Canavan.The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, ignominious exploits to garnish support for a realpolitik program to abandon nuclear waste in a community of unwilling people is unacceptable and courting with untold risks to people, a fragile environment and represents bad judgement by ANSTO and DIIS with a failure to procure a site compatible for the abandonment of such waste.
   ANSTO, Lucas Heights and the nuclear industry with its poor safety record is supported by its 1200 strong work-force whom have pumped radioactive effluent into the river, released radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and radiated its own workers, yet they eagerly want to expand these risks by burdening a SA community with waste that fails to meet any of the DIIS criteria for safe abandonment.
   You, Matt, may not be adroit to the fact that the laws of physics state that Lucas Heights will remain a radioactive dump for the radioactive waste it produces for more than 10 years after they shut the door on the facility, and Australia only needs one dump not two.
In 1992 Australia signed the Basel Convention stating they will keep toxic waste close to the point of production to limit risks. Our concerns also include the lack of consultation regarding determination of transport routes and availability of resources, training, and infrastructure for emergency preparedness, response, and risk management for potential incidents during shipment
Greg 2019-12-09 13:30:16 +1100
Peter 2019-12-09 13:29:02 +1100
This current flawed process even breaches nuclear industry best practice.
Zac 2019-12-09 13:25:26 +1100
Ka 2019-12-09 13:20:48 +1100
Leave it where it is in the secure facility at Lucas Heights.
Josh 2019-12-09 12:50:03 +1100
Arto 2019-12-09 12:35:17 +1100
Cat 2019-12-09 12:12:18 +1100
Michael and Susan 2019-12-09 11:27:53 +1100
Ned 2019-12-09 10:53:40 +1100
Sean 2019-12-09 10:29:48 +1100
Gerri 2019-12-09 06:20:31 +1100
Tina Hsu
Tina 2019-12-08 22:12:38 +1100
James 2019-12-08 21:20:02 +1100
Lynette 2019-12-08 20:56:44 +1100
Linda 2019-12-08 19:03:33 +1100
Charlotte 2019-12-08 17:51:50 +1100
simon colman
simon 2019-12-08 17:16:10 +1100
My entire extended family lives by the Flinders Ranges, as do many others. Radioactive waste poses a massive risk to the air, soil, water and genetic/reproductive health of all species. There is already airborne lead pollution in many rural areas as well as heatwaves and drought from climate change. Don’t make the mistake of posing more of an ecological crisis to the country by making this move.
Leila 2019-12-08 15:50:36 +1100
john 2019-12-08 13:36:02 +1100
Phillip 2019-12-08 13:22:46 +1100
Kazi 2019-12-08 10:54:58 +1100
If we have have a facility why dont you put it some where remote out in the desert say on the woomera lands or at the old nuclear test sites, not near agricultural lands Kimba, or a seismicly active area with under ground natural springs Flinders ranges.
Why just because liberil party members own the land this is coruption nothing less
Neville 2019-12-08 10:06:07 +1100
How dare they just leave that ## alone we don’t need the whole of Australia ruined just leave it
Brenton 2019-12-08 08:38:41 +1100
Marj 2019-12-08 04:00:21 +1100
M 2019-12-08 02:44:28 +1100
No thank you.
Joseph 2019-12-07 21:30:50 +1100
Rebecca 2019-12-07 19:57:24 +1100
Danielle 2019-12-07 19:10:54 +1100