Arrive 15 minutes early and as people gather, introduce yourself and others. 5 minutes after your arranged meeting time, brief your group. In summary:

  • Welcome everyone, and briefly remind people why having these conversations are important. Use the flyer to talk people through the strategy for the campaign.
  • Invite each person to introduce themselves, and share why they care enough to be here volunteering today. People will share their personal narrative in the conversations during the survey, so this is a good time to get people to practice!
  • Hand out the resources and take them through the script, and if people haven’t seen the training video (or want to see it again), watch it together on someone’s phone.
  • See if people would like to practice with each other before starting (this might take 10-15 minutes).
  • Answer any questions people might have. If you’re not sure, don’t worry – this is an ongoing learning process and you can help each other troubleshoot again when debriefing after your surveys.
  • Agree as a group on:
    • A time and place to reconvene afterwards. You might like to schedule a time in the middle to check in or have a quick break. It’s up to you!
    • Who will cover what area.

Get out there and have conversations! Remind people to fill in their conversation reports as they go, and don’t forget to take a few photos so we can show how many of us are out across the country surveying our communities.

Debrief and collect each petition and conversation report. Hear how people went, and share things that went well or were difficult. Feel free to pass any feedback on to ACF by emailing [email protected].

Thank everyone and encourage them to host their own community climate survey, or come to another one! Let them know that in the week of July 15-20, there will be a national week of action where they can join others in the ACF community to deliver the results from their conversations. Make sure you collect everyone’s petitions and conversation reports, but they can keep their scripts for meeting with their MP. You might like to invite people to join you for a coffee afterwards – this is, after all, a social movement!