A huge win for people power over toxic power!

Yesterday Premier Jay Weatherill dumped his plan to ship, store and bury one-third of the world’s high-level radioactive waste in South Australia!

The Premier formally ruled out the controversial plan declaring it “dead” and “not something that will be progressed by the Labor Party in Government”.

This is a huge win for people power over toxic power!

Tens of thousands of people like you signed petitions, donated, wrote letters and held actions and rallies against Australia becoming a dumping ground for forever wastes.

Watch the video of how we spoke out and won this together.

The Premier’s decision to walk away from this dirty and dangerous plan is a massive shift from last year when it was full steam ahead with support for his Royal Commission.

Proponents for the dump plan spent millions on media ads, shopping centre stalls, “Let’s talk nuclear over coffee” events and social media. It was a well-resourced operation rolling out across South Australia.

They presented the plan as if it was a done deal – as if the waste was safe, secure and ok. It was a sophisticated smokescreen for a deal to benefit a handful of people while everyone else – and our land, wildlife and water – ran the risks for a long, long, long time.

There was no way we could match their spending, but our networks are powerful and our voices are strong. Through you, we reached hundreds of thousands more people by word of mouth and through social media. And our petitions became huge.

You spoke and the Premier finally listened! Thanks so much for standing up, speaking out and taking action.

We’ve beaten this international waste dump. But right now communities in the Flinders Ranges and Eyre Peninsula are under pressure from a planned national radioactive waste site.

We will keep standing alongside and working with these communities and continue our wider efforts to advance responsible radioactive waste management.

Your voice and action is part of decades of community effort uniting people for a nuclear-free future.

Australia is simply too good to waste.

And together we can keep it that way.

Find out more about how the ACF community is speaking out for a nuclear free future.

Dave Sweeney

Nuclear free campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation.