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Australia must remain a nuclear-free country.

Nuclear energy and arms are not compatible with a clean future.

The Coalition's nuclear energy plan is light on detail but heavy with danger. It's a costly distraction from effective climate action that risks delaying – and even derailing – the sensible, considered and speedy transition to renewables that is already well underway and essential to protect the environment and safeguard our future.

To our representatives, we call on you to make Australia nuclear-free:

  • End uranium mining and exports, and clean up all old uranium mines;
  • Say no to nuclear power – it is high-risk, high-cost and a dangerous distraction from real climate solutions, like clean energy from the sun and wind;
  • Take a strong stand against nuclear weapons – this includes signing and ratifying the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty;
  • Manage radioactive waste transparently and responsibly.

The exaggerated claims being made by the latest round of nuclear promoters do not alter the evidence which clearly shows nuclear is the worst option for Australia. Promoting nuclear today will keep coal and gas burning for decades to come!

There are many reasons nuclear energy is not a viable alternative for Australia’s energy future:

  • It takes too long – on average, it takes about nine years to build a nuclear power station and another 10 years for planning and licensing. Effectively that means two decades between first idea and first power. These are the critical decades to immediately reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • It’s dirty and dangerous – Nuclear power stations pose significant community, environment and health risks. Apart from the radioactive waste they generate, nuclear power stations run on uranium which, like coal and gas, is not a renewable resource.
  • It’s far more expensive than renewable options – Modelling shows developing nuclear infrastructure is 5-10 times more expensive than solar and wind. And even if the technology was in place, it would also cost more to produce.
  • It needs a lot of water – Nuclear reactors use tonnes of water per second to cool the reactors to produce electricity. This is unlike wind and solar which require little or no ongoing water use.
  • We have no proven options for managing long-term radioactive waste – All reactors create waste, and this is a growing and unresolved global management issue. For decades successive governments have tried to impose low and intermediate level waste dumps and stores, predominantly on First Nations lands, across multiple sites in Australia.

We must leave the uranium in the ground to keep our communities and the nature we rely on safe.

Let's get it right and make Australia nuclear-free.

Header image: Sea lions gather on the beach on the Eyre Peninsula. At the top of the Peninsula is Kimba, where the government is proposing to put a national radioactive waste site despite unanimous opposition from Barngarla Traditional Owners

Latest Supporters

Sarah 2024-06-19 17:46:24 +1000
I.want Australia to be nuclear free because nuclear will cost our nation billions that could be invested in renewables speeding up our transition from fossil fuels.
Rose 2024-06-19 17:46:20 +1000
No way will I accept nuclear in Australia. We should learn the lessons from other countries where things have been pretty grim – thousands of lives lost with accidents. There’s no way you can guarantee that it’ll be safe here. In addition to that, nuclear energy will be far more expensive and far longer to be deliver. So I say NO NO NO!
Kevin 2024-06-19 17:46:20 +1000
Apart from all the reasons against it already given, can you imagine how a nuclear power station would be managed and maintained by a huge private company? They can’t even manage and maintain our existing coal-fired power stations and the associated infrastructure properly.
Warwick 2024-06-19 17:46:16 +1000
Ian 2024-06-19 17:46:15 +1000
Cate 2024-06-19 17:46:14 +1000
Sangeeta 2024-06-19 17:46:12 +1000
Andrew 2024-06-19 17:46:09 +1000
The nuclear option is absurd. To generate power you need mine the uranium ore, transport it to an enrichment plant, then transport highly radioactive and chemically toxic material across Australia to the various nuclear power plants. Then when its “spent” you have to transport highly radioactive and toxic uranium material and dump it, where? Compare this with renewable energy where you erect a fan and immediately get wind energy, or erect a solar panel and immediately get light energy – no mining, no refining, no enrichment, no transport, no brainer!
Tim 2024-06-19 17:46:02 +1000
Amanda 2024-06-19 17:46:01 +1000
I want Australia to be nuclear free because of the radio active disposal, the length of time to build, the cost to build and the effect and concern for the communities where proposed nuclear power stations are listed to be built
Louise 2024-06-19 17:46:00 +1000
Max 2024-06-19 17:46:00 +1000
This nuclear proposal makes no sense, financially or morally. Going nuclear would devastatingly burden future generations.
Danny 2024-06-19 17:46:00 +1000
Stephen 2024-06-19 17:45:59 +1000
Australia must remain nuclear free because it’s so damn dangerous.
Even now, our existing uranium mines need to be cleaned up. We haven’t managed to do that yet!
Nuclear reactors would be a target for terrorism with disastrous consequences if there was an attack on a reactor.
The proliferation of nuclear weapons would be an undesirable possibility.
There is no way to manage the toxic waste or any plan where to put it. This radioactive waste lasts for many thousand of years! Are we really going to condemn future generations to deal with this?
Nuclear is the worst option for Australia because it will allow polluting coal and gas burning for decades to come which the world cannot afford
to do if we want to save our plant from climate boiling!
Nuclear power for Australia is insanity when solar, wind and waves are the cheapest and cleanest option.
Kathleen 2024-06-19 17:45:58 +1000
Ryan 2024-06-19 17:45:55 +1000
I do not support the introduction of nuclear power as a way to provide energy in this country. It is economically and environmentally stupid abd will take far too long to be useful in dealing with climate problems
Heather 2024-06-19 17:45:52 +1000
I am appalled by Peter Dutton’s proposal to build nuclear power plants in Australia. Hasn’t the world seen what can happen in Russia and Japan – no technology is infallible and it is a abandonment of our commitment to the Paris Agreement, dangerous for the environment, the people and the planet.
Helen 2024-06-19 17:45:50 +1000
Frances 2024-06-19 17:45:48 +1000
Nuclear is an uneccessary and wrong choice of fuel. We must keep and improve our formal commitment to climate goals
David 2024-06-19 17:45:48 +1000
Raymond 2024-06-19 17:45:48 +1000
I do not want Nuclear Power Station in Australia, as it only take one accident to ruin our environment for hundreds of years, as has been shown in other countries eg. Chernobyl in Ukraine.
We have an abundance of Sun and Wind which can be used for our energy needs without irreversible environmental damage for all future generations.
Cynthia 2024-06-19 17:45:46 +1000
Nuclear energy is not suitable for a clean future as has been shown by various accidents in USA, Japan and Russia. This is a red herring to pander to a lobby group and to stop the roll out of renewables
Telemahos 2024-06-19 17:45:45 +1000
I want Australia to be nuclear free, because of the huge cost (and blowouts), the danger ( Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl …), the huge waste of water, we’re a dry continent , what to do with the waste. But mostly because I support renewables.
Patricia 2024-06-19 17:45:39 +1000
I want Australia to remain nuclear free because we have a wealth of renewables here, and billions of dollars have already been spent on finding the most efficient ways to harness them. The Liberals’ plan seems to be a thinly-veiled cover designed to keep coal and gas in use for as long as possible, and to halt any meaningful move toward an emissions-free future. Other countries are phasing out nuclear power due to its cost and the inherent dangers and environmental cost in utilising it.
Andrew 2024-06-19 17:45:35 +1000
Keep our great nation free from destructive energy sources to fuel power stations .
Winston 2024-06-19 17:45:33 +1000
Jason 2024-06-19 17:45:31 +1000
Dianne 2024-06-19 17:45:31 +1000
Jill 2024-06-19 17:45:27 +1000
Julie 2024-06-19 17:45:21 +1000