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To our elected representatives, we call on you to make Australia nuclear-free:

  • End uranium mining and exports, and clean up all old uranium mines
  • Say no to nuclear power – it is high-risk, high-cost and a dangerous distraction from real climate solutions, like clean energy from the sun and wind
  • Take a strong stand against nuclear weapons – this includes signing and ratifying the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty
  • Manage radioactive waste transparently and responsibly

From ancient rock formations to mountains swirled with ochre, this continent is a geological wonderland. Some of our minerals are even vibrant green – and radioactive. In fact, around a third of the world’s uranium reserves are found in Australia.

But we must leave the uranium in the ground to keep our communities and the nature we rely on safe. 

Mining these radioactive rocks pollutes our air, soil and water. It can damage the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. 

All of Australia’s operating uranium mines have a history of leaks, spills and accidents – and none have ever been properly rehabilitated. To this day, radioactive waste percolates in the local drainage system of the now abandoned Mary Kathleen mine in Queensland.

Nuclear power is nothing but a dirty, dangerous distraction from real climate solutions like clean energy from the sun and wind. 

And there is no secure, long-term solution to cope with the millions of tonnes of radioactive waste from mining operations, or the more risky and longer-lived radioactive waste from nuclear power stations.

Yet for two decades now, successive governments have tried imposing uranium mines and radioactive waste dumps on unwilling remote communities. Right now, they're pushing to ship, store and bury national radioactive waste on Barngarla country in South Australia, even though SA and Barngarla Traditional Owners said no to being an international waste dump.

Decisions on handling radioactive waste last longer than this generation. Let's get it right and make Australia nuclear-free. 

Header image: Sea lions gather on the beach on the Eyre Peninsula. At the top of the Peninsula is Kimba, where the government is proposing to put a national radioactive waste site despite unanimous opposition from Barngarla Traditional Owners

Latest Supporters

Karen 2022-09-14 14:15:38 +1000
Des 2022-09-14 13:52:44 +1000
we had this debate fully in Australia nearly 50 years ago during the Ranger Uranium Environmental Inquiry and nukes make way less sense now than they did then Want to avoid climate action, raise the nuclear red herring
Bro 2022-09-14 11:31:37 +1000
Solar and wind power are cheaper because of the transmission and distribution costs associated with nuclear power, let alone the cost of producing the power in the first place, and then there’s the waste.
Paul 2022-09-14 09:47:18 +1000
Rob 2022-09-13 22:09:40 +1000
Renewables are cheaper and cleaner, to choose nuclear would be foolish
Michael 2022-09-13 22:04:21 +1000
Nadia 2022-09-13 20:26:39 +1000
Brad 2022-09-13 19:32:08 +1000
Jacinta 2022-09-13 19:07:42 +1000
Nuclear is not the solution to climate change. At every stage of the nuclear chain it puts workers the community and the environment at risk. It is too slow, expensive and dangerous and becomes a pre deployed military target like we have seen in Ukraine. And then there’s nuclear weapons and waste and the never ending legacy of uranium mine wastes and failed rehabilitation. Nuclear? No thanks.
Mia 2022-09-13 18:55:58 +1000
Nuclear Plants have been proven unsafe, and costly to build and maintain, producing lots of unwanted toxic waste lasting for centuries.
Paul 2022-09-13 12:56:30 +1000
Jennifer 2022-09-13 11:28:48 +1000
There is no safe way to dispose of spent nuclear fuel.
Jolyon 2022-09-13 09:40:23 +1000
We do not need nuclear power and its inherent problems. Australia can provide enough solar and wind power to more than this country’s needs. It’s reasonably priced battery storage that is needed.
Deb 2022-09-13 09:09:33 +1000
Geoff 2022-09-13 08:55:46 +1000
The absurdity of thinking nuclear is safe or environmentally friendly is only logical for those with vested interests.
Peter 2022-09-13 08:52:09 +1000
I want Australia to be nuclear fee because it is high-risk, high-cost and a dangerous distraction from real climate solutions, like clean energy from the sun and wind
Anne 2022-09-13 07:45:20 +1000
Brendan 2022-09-13 07:41:04 +1000
Renewables so much cheaper and quicker to build. Then there is the waste problem. Why would anyone think nuclear is the right energy source to build!
Jon 2022-09-13 06:35:58 +1000
The world is moving past nuclear power, I don’t want nuclear power in Australia. Plain and simple. It’s not feasible, it should not be pursued.
Emma 2022-09-13 05:45:53 +1000
Clare 2022-09-12 23:45:07 +1000
We have abundance of renewal and sustainable alternatives in the shape of solar & wind power
Gopesh 2022-09-12 22:40:41 +1000
We need to be looking to protecting what we have left of our land, flora and fauna, water ways, and aquifers from further destruction and pollution…..it can’t keep going on
Margaret 2022-09-12 21:57:02 +1000
Shaun 2022-09-12 21:06:22 +1000
Emma 2022-09-12 20:02:49 +1000
Lou 2022-09-12 18:56:39 +1000
Nuclear is destructive to life.
Judith 2022-09-12 18:47:01 +1000
We simply don’t need it. We don’t. Let’s finally show our respect for our environment instead of just saying we do.
Brauton 2022-09-12 17:42:41 +1000
I want Australia to be nuclear free because I wish to protect all nature and humanity
Robyn 2022-09-12 17:21:33 +1000
Dr Geoffrey 2022-09-12 15:56:09 +1000