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To our elected representatives, we call on you to make Australia nuclear-free:

  • End uranium mining and exports, and clean up all old uranium mines
  • Say no to nuclear power – it is high-risk, high-cost and a dangerous distraction from real climate solutions, like clean energy from the sun and wind
  • Take a strong stand against nuclear weapons – this includes signing and ratifying the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty
  • Manage radioactive waste transparently and responsibly

From ancient rock formations to mountains swirled with ochre, this continent is a geological wonderland. Some of our minerals are even vibrant green – and radioactive. In fact, around a third of the world’s uranium reserves are found in Australia.

But we must leave the uranium in the ground to keep our communities and the nature we rely on safe. 

Mining these radioactive rocks pollutes our air, soil and water. It can damage the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. 

All of Australia’s operating uranium mines have a history of leaks, spills and accidents – and none have ever been properly rehabilitated. To this day, radioactive waste percolates in the local drainage system of the now abandoned Mary Kathleen mine in Queensland.

Nuclear power is nothing but a dirty, dangerous distraction from real climate solutions like clean energy from the sun and wind. 

And there is no secure, long-term solution to cope with the millions of tonnes of radioactive waste from mining operations, or the more risky and longer-lived radioactive waste from nuclear power stations.

Yet for two decades now, successive governments have tried imposing uranium mines and radioactive waste dumps on unwilling remote communities. Right now, they're pushing to ship, store and bury national radioactive waste on Barngarla country in South Australia, even though SA and Barngarla Traditional Owners said no to being an international waste dump.

Decisions on handling radioactive waste last longer than this generation. Let's get it right and make Australia nuclear-free. 

Header image: Sea lions gather on the beach on the Eyre Peninsula. At the top of the Peninsula is Kimba, where the government is proposing to put a national radioactive waste site despite unanimous opposition from Barngarla Traditional Owners

Latest Supporters

I spent my best years in the Snowy Mountain National Park .traveled all states except WA.
Nuclear only caused destruction , and is false economy.
Audrey 2023-03-25 23:35:44 +1100
Eileen 2023-03-24 12:00:52 +1100
A 2023-03-24 04:41:42 +1100
Liam 2023-03-23 19:57:47 +1100
There are too many risks to human life and the environment for any nuclear industry.
Marion 2023-03-23 14:35:36 +1100
I do not want waste transported over our oceans or the risk of a nuclear disaster.
Jay 2023-03-23 11:50:24 +1100
tracey 2023-03-23 07:03:36 +1100
Nuclear energy would be fine if it could be made 100% safe, but we all that this would be impossible. Just ask those living near Chernobyl or Fukushima.

And besides, no-one wants radioactive waste in their backyard. We already have premiers squabbling about which state it will be stored in. And we haven’t even got the nuclear submarines yet! Our federal government should put its money where its mouth is. It is they who are committing us to buying nuclear submarines, so the waste should be stored on the grounds of parliament house!
Vivien 2023-03-22 19:46:36 +1100
Nuclear power is a really selfish fform if energy. The potential for horrific accidents is real and the waste from the energy consumed is left for multiple future generations to deal with.
Peter 2023-03-22 16:35:46 +1100
Randall 2023-03-22 15:56:09 +1100
I want Australia to stay nuclear -free – just like our Anzus partner New Zealand! Why would we have to repeat our alliance with the U.S. -with a loser track record over the past 70 years? Think: Korea, Vietnam, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan??
Sophie 2023-03-22 15:54:39 +1100
Linda 2023-03-22 15:11:40 +1100
Dismantle A.S.P.I. asap. Distance Australia from USA. Make China know they are not our enemy and reaffirm that Tiawan is a domestic issue for China. Definitely no nuclear subs.
Fay 2023-03-22 15:07:11 +1100
I want Australia nuclear free because nuclear energy disrupts other dimensions and worlds
Sean 2023-03-22 15:01:45 +1100
Leio 2023-03-19 21:18:26 +1100
We need to reduce nuclear related weaponry, electricity creation and the propulsion of vehicles ,,, the more risky nuclear devises there are the more chance of accidents and the consequences will effect thousands of generations of both humans and all other species,, .it is our responsibility to care and be stewards of this earth , not increase potential destruction with fear at the centre of our actions ,, See reason , do the maths , ban nuclear across the planet,. Stupid is what stupid does
Ben 2023-03-19 20:00:24 +1100
Sarah 2023-03-16 20:52:47 +1100
We need to be ending direct ties with the USA and their warmongering. Not aligning ourselves in debt
Samuel 2023-03-16 04:47:54 +1100
Still the price of nuclear freedom is eternal vigilance…do we really have to keep having this fight?
Never clean, never green, the whole cycle a cruel burden on future generations…
Judy 2023-03-15 22:56:30 +1100
No nuclear waste reactors or submarines
Brad 2023-03-15 17:48:46 +1100
Healthcare not warfare
tara louise 2023-03-15 17:09:33 +1100
E 2023-03-15 11:28:27 +1100
Elizabeth 2023-03-14 22:56:26 +1100
Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukishima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and many other nuclear disasters show very clearly why a nuclear free future is vital. Australia cannot be a dumping ground for toxic, radioactive waste being disposed of by all the other countries in the world trying to rid themselves of this deadly, dangerous waste.
Nuclear power is indeed nothing but a dirty, dangerous distraction from real climate solutions which do not have the potential to kill humanity and our planet.
Keep uranium in the ground. Do not turn Australia into a toxic radioactive waste dump and keep Australia nuclear free.
Barbara 2023-03-13 14:32:03 +1100
I am particularly concerned about the AUKUS Nuclear Sub deal. Highly secretive, exorbitantly costly when we are in a housing and health crisis, with nothing to show for 20 years and very few details about it. Zero consultation with the Australian public.
Louise 2023-03-12 20:55:53 +1100
Nuclear is WAAAAAY too expensive, too dangerous and too late to be any help to us in addressing the climate crisis. And unlike some countries, Australia has ample wind, solar and tidal energy to do without nuclear. And how did this nuclear subs deal get pushed through the back door? People need to start getting outraged because it is a LOOONG way from being a done deal!
Frida 2023-03-12 15:50:12 +1100
Paola 2023-03-12 15:42:21 +1100
I want Australia to be nuclear free because it is a very very expensive form of energy and the disposal of nuclear waste is always going to be a problem. No nuclear energy and no nuclear weapons on Australian soil. The benefits are not worth the risks.
Gillian 2023-03-10 19:15:22 +1100
Nina 2023-03-10 14:51:52 +1100
I want Australia to be nuclear-free because it’s too dangerous Not To.
Lee 2023-03-10 01:17:03 +1100