In response to revelations in The Daily Telegraph of political interference in water rules, the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Acting Campaigns Manager, James Trezise, said:

“These revelations are further evidence that the National Party should not be in charge of the water portfolio. Water must be overseen by somebody who is interested in protecting the health of our rivers.

“It appears from the report that there is a move to retrospectively change the law to accommodate a National Party donor. This would be an egregious breach of trust with the NSW public. Our elected officials should be acting in the public interest.

“Enough is enough, ICAC must investigate what is happening with water in NSW. The ACF has written to the independent corruption watchdog asking them to investigate allegations raised on Four Corners last week and a number of other anomalies that have been drawn to our attention.

“This must be matched with a national judicial inquiry. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull needs to stand up and defend his own legacy as water minister.”

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