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We recently won the campaign against the risky plan to store one-third of the world’s high-level radioactive waste in South Australia – and celebrated with friends and allies.

But the threat is not over and two communities are still under intense pressure – this time from a federal government plan to move Australian radioactive waste onto their land!

Many Traditional Owners, farmers and community leaders from the iconic Flinders Ranges and Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula are speaking out to protect their country, water and communities from the risk of radioactive pollution and a rushed and divisive plan.

Urge the South Australian government to actively oppose the federal government’s plan and uphold the state law banning radioactive waste dumps in SA.

Sign the petition and send Premier Steven Marshall a clear message about this very murky plan.


Representatives from communities shortlisted for the proposed radioactive waste site at Parliament voicing their opposition against the plan.

Full petition text:

Dear Premier Marshall,

Right now communities in regional South Australia are living with the threat of their region becoming a radioactive waste dump site.

Sites near Hawker in the iconic Flinders Ranges and Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula are currently being considered by the federal government, even though many people in both areas have clearly opposed both the unpopular plan and the divisive process.

No convincing case has been made for the establishment of a nuclear waste dump anywhere in Australia.

Most of the waste is currently stored where it was made - at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s Lucas Heights nuclear facility in southern Sydney. ANSTO has previously acknowledged that it can manage its own waste.

There is no need to rush and every reason to take the time needed to get this serious issue right.

We call on you as the leader of South Australia to show the same leadership as your predecessors Mike Rann and John Olsen and oppose the federal government's plan for a nuclear waste dump in SA.

We urge you and your party to use all the political and legal powers at your disposal to prevent South Australia from becoming the nation's nuclear waste dump.

In particular we urge you to defend and uphold the state Nuclear Waste Prohibition Act (2000) that makes interstate or international nuclear waste dumps illegal in SA.

SA is too good to waste and nuclear waste dumps are not worth the risk.

Please speak up and stand up for your state and responsible radioactive waste management in Australia.

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