We can’t keep powering our lives with climate-wrecking fuels from the last century.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) says Tim Nicholls’ commitment to building a new coal fired power station is a commitment to polluting electricity for North Queensland.

“Tim Nicholls’ coal fired power station is a policy for more pollution for North Queensland. We can’t afford to keep burning dirty fuels like coal. Coal is harming our communities, destroying our reef and damaging our climate,” ACF climate and clean energy campaigner Jason Lyddieth said.

“It makes no sense to back North Queensland into a corner with a polluting coal plant that has no future.

“North Queensland is already feeling the brunt of climate change. Burning polluting coal is causing unprecedented coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, droughts followed by floods, record breaking temperatures and worsening cyclones.

“Clean, renewable energy is scaling up right across North Queensland and Townsville is well positioned to become a hub with good jobs in new industries for generations to come.

“The Burdekin Dam upgrades include a new hydroelectric power station - that’s good for our communities and our climate. These are the kind of projects our kids will work on in years to come.

“Mr Nicholls’ claims seem particularly ill-informed considering that even the Finkel Report, commissioned by his colleagues in Canberra, shows the age of coal is over.

“Queenslanders expect our elected representatives to respond to climate change, lead the transition to clean energy and protect our reef for generations to come. It’s time the LNP accept the world has moved on from polluting fuels, the technology has moved on, the economics has moved on and the electorate has moved on.”

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