ACF welcomes National Heritage listing for Cape York rock art galleries

10 November 18

Major Adani update

02 November 18

Nearing decision on polluting Adani coal mine a major test for our elected representatives

01 November 18

Out of control climate change in Cook: Hotter, drier and winter no more

30 October 18

Climate data modelling shows that by 2050 communities in the federal electoral division of Cook would be markedly hotter, on average 15 per cent drier and experience more periods of extreme heat because of high global emissions.

Address to the National Press Club

30 October 18

Addressing all elements of the energy trilemma is essential

25 October 18

Joint statement from 15 conservation, social services, energy, industry and investor groups urges governments to recognise that addressing emissions and reliability are not only critical in their own right, but are essential parts of achieving cost reduction.

ACF statement on Federal Government energy announcement

23 October 18

It’s time for an approach to energy that doesn’t continue to damage our climate, our health and our future.

ACF statement on Wentworth by-election result

21 October 18