2014 the world’s hottest year, 2015 time for action

17 January 15

Climate change driving catastrophic fires

14 January 15

Climate change is creating conditions that make extreme weather more likely and more dangerous, writes ACF's Guy Ragen in Huffington Post.

2014: Record breaking heat shows we need to act on climate change

06 January 15

Women to suffer under Abbott government's climate change neglect

05 January 15

Removing Australia’s price on carbon is bad news for everyone – but it's especially bad news for women, writes Kelly O'Shanassy.


Giving with both hands report

01 December 14

Restoring our lifeblood

21 November 14

Progress on returning water to the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin


Habitat October 2014

01 October 14

Assessment of the adequacy of threatened species & planning laws

08 September 14