Fukushima five years on and the lessons we failed to learn

11 March 16

After directly fuelling the disaster at Fukushima, Australia should have taken steps to review and reconsider its role in the global nuclear trade

It’s time for Australia to get out of last century’s energy sources

04 March 16

Failed uranium promises highlight need for caution on radioactive waste plans

04 March 16

ACF’s biggest ever petition calls for stronger laws to protect nature

03 March 16

Australia's biggest polluters

01 March 16

Aust’s pollution rising while govt tinkers at the edges

29 February 16

Fuel subsidies wed us to dinosaur technologies

22 February 16

While most Australians pay tax on every litre of fuel consumed, the fuel tax credits scheme enables certain privileged industries to have this tax refunded.

Political parties urged to halt the erosion of Australia’s democracy: new report

22 February 16

Human Rights Law Centre said in a new report launched in Canberra today