Undermining the future

11 June 16

Jack Green, McArthur River

10 June 16

Marine commitments are good news for Australia’s ocean life

09 June 16

Australia’s comprehensive national network of marine reserves which was established in 2012 – then suspended by the Abbott Government in 2013 – will be reinstated in full if Labor wins next month’s federal election.

The environment is not merely for state governments

09 June 16

ACF National Agenda 2016 – Our choice

07 June 16

New approach to environment law needed to stop extinction crisis

07 June 16

Australia needs a new Environment Act that is designed to halt the extinction crisis and an independent authority to implement a strengthened national environment law, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

Lifelines offered for Australian wildlife

05 June 16

The Greens’ wildlife policy, announced today on World Environment Day, would strengthen and nurture our country’s unique biodiversity, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today in welcoming the plan.

Greens policy will help Australia prepare for future

01 June 16

The Greens’ policy on living with global warming will help Australia in a climate changed world, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.