Working with farmers, we pioneered the national Landcare movement

01 January 16

With our allies, we stopped the proposal to dam the Franklin River

01 January 16

We stood with the Mirarr people to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine

01 January 16

We stopped mining in Antarctica

01 January 16

A Critique of the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

25 December 15

Australia is swimming against the global tide on coal

23 December 15

Continuing down the mine shaft will leave us with a dinosaur economy, writes ACF's Hannah Aulby

In the Australian summer, extreme weather is becoming normal

18 December 15

It's not even Christmas and already we are seeing signs of extreme weather conditions in Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of eastern Australia, writes Suzanne Harter

SA nuclear Royal Commission vs Community Permission

17 December 15