Australian government lacks serious plan for future beyond coal

30 June 16

Where the parties stand on climate, rivers, forests and wildlife

28 June 16

ACF releases final election scorecard.

Why is Australia’s extinction crisis being ignored?

23 June 16

Cities focus is welcome, but don’t raid clean energy coffers to fund it

20 June 16

The Prime Minister’s focus on making cities greener and more efficient is welcome, but funding for the initiative should be additional, not taken from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s purse, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

If you want jobs and growth, renewable energy is the way

17 June 16

National legal protection to stop national parks being turned into paddocks or logging coupes

16 June 16

A ‘national park trigger’ in Australia’s environment law, as proposed today by Labor, would subject commercial proposals in national parks to stronger national oversight and would be a welcome improvement, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

An endangered cockatoo on the wrong side of the law

16 June 16

ACF welcomes Cape York land tenure boost

15 June 16

$29.6 million increased funding commitment to continue to resolve Cape York’s land tenure