Concrete and steel can’t replace real water in rivers

27 August 15

Coal price crash should derail Joe Hockey's railway to nowhere

27 August 15

Treasurer Joe Hockey Joe could be funding a railway to nowhere using vital Northern Australia infrastructure funding, writes ACF economist Matthew Rose

No Time to Waste on responsible radioactive waste management

21 August 15

As Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane prepares to announce a shortlist of possible sites to host Australia’s radioactive waste, challenges facing the goal of responsible radioactive waste management remain, writes Dave Sweeney

Government has backed a loser in coal

20 August 15

Cynically stripping away the rights of communities to defend a clean environment is not the type of behaviour we expect from the government, writes ACF President Geoff Cousins

Conservation leaders, lawyers say no to Abbott and Brandis' attempt to trash environment law

19 August 15

An attempt to strip communities of right to defend nature

18 August 15

Newspaper ad campaign urges Minister Hunt to reject Adani coal mine

13 August 15

Australia can do better than defeatist target

11 August 15