Carmichael coal mine: we want to stop it in its tracks

12 November 15

Deficient, derelict and dangerous: Government fails Indian nuclear test

12 November 15

Bulldozers are clearing bilby habitat in the Kimberley

12 November 15

ACF to challenge approval of Adani coal mine

09 November 15

Moral duplicity behind India coal push

04 November 15

There is a naked disingenuousness to the arguments being put forward about expanding Australia’s coalmining sector to help lift Indians out of poverty, writes ACF President Geoff Cousins

Nuclear ambitions must put safety first

30 October 15

The government should pay heed to the findings of the JSCOT report and not be rushed by those with poor track records and overt atomic agendas, writes Dave Sweeney

Australia's policy on nuclear waste is all at sea

28 October 15

Radioactive waste management needs sound policy, not sound bites

28 October 15