Climate pollution from industry make up almost a third of Australia’s total emissions.

Australia is one of the few countries that is making no real progress on improving energy efficiency in manufacturing and industry, according to new analysis by international research firm Climate Analytics.

Climate Analytics’ research, released by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), finds:

  • Climate pollution from industry make up almost a third of Australia’s total emissions.
  • Australian industry’s energy efficiency is ranked worst of the developed countries on a list of the world’s top 25 energy consuming nations.
  • Australia has no effective policy to cut climate pollution from the industrial sector.

“Not only are we among the worst in the developed world when it comes to industry using energy efficiently, but this analysis shows we’re actually going backwards,” said ACF Climate Change Campaigner Suzanne Harter.

“If the Morrison Government is serious about meeting Australia’s international commitments, it will need to set policy that brings down rising pollution from industry.

“Australia ranks poorly because we have no policy forcing down industrial pollution like an economy-wide carbon price or a robust emissions intensity scheme. So-called national ‘safeguards’ established by the Coalition are riddled with holes and have not capped pollution.

“This analysis highlights the growing problem of pollution from liquified natural gas, with LNG processing for export one of the fastest-growing sources of domestic emissions. This is made even worse by the potent fugitive emissions that are released during LNG extraction.

“Australia has everything it needs to become a renewable energy superpower, exporting ‘green’ renewable hydrogen to our neighbours and using it to power local industry. 

“Western Australia is pursuing a renewable hydrogen industry, but to make the most of it we need the Federal Government to grab hold of this massive opportunity,” she said.

The fact sheet can be downloaded here.

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