Nature’s Champions are a small group of generous, committed and passionate people who make it possible for ACF to campaign for a better world where:

We have a big task ahead of us. There’s pollution to cut. Destruction to reverse. Systems to fix. Damage to mend.

Over the next three crucial years, Nature’s Champions will play a vital role in turning this pollution and extinction crisis around. With your support, ACF will take on four big systems that are fuelling so much destruction in Australia:

  • Our energy system – replace climate-wrecking fuels with clean energy from the sun and wind
  • Damage to our ecosystem – stop the bad, mend the broken and care for the habitat we all call home
  • Our economic system – expose the rules harming people and our planet and build a widespread demand for change
  • Our democratic system – strengthen our democracy so it’s people-powered, transparent and accountable

Today the stakes are even higher. Broken systems controlled by people with vested interests mean pollution and destruction threaten the whole web of life. Between 2018-2021 our goal is to raise $6 million from people like you, our Nature’s Champions.

Thank you in advance for considering a significant gift to create this bold and ambitious change.

For more information please email or call one of our philanthropy executives on 1800 223 669.