ACF is nature’s advocate. You can be Nature’s Champion by supporting us with a significant multi-year gift to achieve lasting change.

For over 50 years, ACF has brought people together to protect our living world. The future of our climate and nature is at a tipping point and the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on generations to come.

To create a brighter future where all life can thrive, we need your help to drive change.

We will campaign for an energy transformation to accelerate clean energy development and shift away from polluting coal, oil and gas. We will protect our most critical landscape, the Great Dividing Range. To build power to win, we are growing a huge movement to hold our decision makers to account and drive real change.

To make sure our world can thrive, we are seeking $6 million from a special group of dedicated supporters committed to our Nature’s Champions Campaign over the next three years.

Your support is vital to enable us to achieve this bold transformation. For more information please email or call one of our philanthropy executives on 1800 223 669.