Next week, the Albanese Government has a clear choice: leave the door open for a $7 billion public fund to hand money to fossil fuels – or slam the door shut.

Our government wants to increase the funding of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to $7 billion. The minister responsible for NAIF, Resources Minister Madeleine King, is on the record as a supporter of the polluting gas industry – so we need to act now to remove any opportunity for this public money to support projects like Woodside's Scarborough Gas Project and fracking the Beetaloo Basin.

Before our Parliament votes on NAIF next week, we must urge our government to amend NAIF so that it cannot use our public money to fund fossil fuels.

Let's all speak up on Twitter and create a surge of public pressure urging the Climate and Resources Ministers to rule out spending any of the $7 billion NAIF funds on fossil fuels!

Allies including, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Conservation Council WA and Jubilee Australia are also raising their voices on Twitter. Together we can send hundreds of tweets directly to the Ministers. Let's get loud!


And let's like and retweet our messages so they spread far and wide. Twitter instructions.

Not on Twitter? Send an email instead.


Our state and federal governments are already handing over $21,143 every minute to subsidise the fossil fuel industry.¹

We cannot afford to continue squandering our public money expanding the industries most responsible for fuelling climate damage.

In her first 12 months, Minister King has on multiple occasions publicly spruiked the polluting gas industry and dished out the first new offshore gas storage licences in a decade.² ³

Our public money should be funding a clean, nature-positive future. Instead of fossil fuels, NAIF should keep funding projects like the Kidston Clean Energy Hub in far-north Queensland, which helps communities stay safe from worsening climate impacts and create jobs for the future.

Tweet to the Climate Minister and the Resources Minister and tell them to rule out the NAIF from spending our public money on fossil fuels.



Climate action is urgent. Let’s all lend our voices to keep public money out of fossil fuels.

¹ The Australia Institute: 'Fossil fuel subsidies in Australia 2023'

² The Hon Madeleine King MP: ‘Speech to the APPEA 2023 Conference, Adelaide

³ The Hon Madeleine King MP: ‘New offshore greenhouse gas storage acreage to help lower emissions


Elizabeth Sullivan

Climate Campaigner – Exports