Next week, our Parliament will vote to increase the funding of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to $7 billion.

Alarmingly, the minister responsible for NAIF, Resources Minister Madeleine King, is on the record as a supporter of the polluting gas industry.

We must act now to remove any opportunity for this public money to support projects like Woodside's Scarborough Gas Project and fracking the Beetaloo Basin.

Send an email (and tweet) to Climate Minister Chris Bowen and Resources Minister Madeleine King: Slam the door on up to $7 billion of our public money being handed to fossil fuels via NAIF!

What to write in your email

Your email can be short and effective. Make sure you include these demands:

  1. amend NAIF so that it cannot fund fossil fuels
  2. stop handing our public money to coal, gas and oil companies that are most responsible for driving climate damage 
  3. invest our public money into projects that allow our communities to enjoy a safe climate future and thriving nature, and future-proof their economies

If you want to add more detail, you can include the following:

  • Just last month, the Albanese Government ruled out the National Reconstruction and Powering the Regions Funds from funding fossil fuels. Now, do the same and rule out NAIF funding fossil fuels.
  • In the 2022-23 financial year, our state and federal governments handed over $21,143 every minute to subsidise the fossil fuel industry.
  • The Morrison Government earmarked NAIF to fund fracking gas in the Beetaloo Basin.

And remember to be polite and thank the Ministers for reading your message.

For more guidance in writing your email: