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The children are speaking truth to power

Climate damage is here, now. Queensland is suffering catastrophic heat, fires and dust. And floods cause chaos in Sydney.

And amongst all the turmoil is a game changer. The young people of Australia are striking from school to demand our politicians stop climate damage and stop Adani.

The children are speaking truth to power. And it’s time for power to listen. But PM Morrison and Bill Shorten are refusing to #MeetTheKids.

Kids have reported that Shorten’s office cut off their message about stopping climate damage and told them to go to school. The Prime Minister suggested the kids are out of their depth. But they beg to differ.

Will you sign the petition to demand Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten #MeetTheKids?

Ayo, 8, told the media, "I’m going on strike to make politicians think about the decisions they’re making and how they impact me. I can’t vote yet but I still have my right to a future and a world that is fit to live in."

Vivienne, 14, from Sydney, said “I'm really scared for me and for my generation and the generations that are going to come after me.”

This isn’t fair. Young people shouldn’t have to worry about climate change. But this is the reality of our era.

These kids are brave enough to look this problem in the eye and deal with it. So when will our political leaders do the same?

Prime Minister Morrison and Opposition leader Shorten meet coal lobbyists all the time.

We’re calling on them now to face up and #MeetTheKids. Add your name now.

Latest Supporters

Elizabeth 2018-11-29 15:51:01 +1100
Angela 2018-11-29 15:51:00 +1100
Time for politicians to listen and take action. They may not want to listen to adults but to ignore the future generation is a cruel and despicable act.
Syd 2018-11-29 15:51:00 +1100
Hey Scott no brain. Time to show us if you’ve got any balls
Martin 2018-11-29 15:51:00 +1100
Robyn 2018-11-29 15:50:59 +1100
Andrew Baker
Andrew 2018-11-29 15:50:57 +1100
Climate change is deadly serious. We must take every step we can to reduce it. That includes never permitting new coal mines. If we fail to act, both people and nature will experience unprecedented pain and destruction. Please act powerfully and NOW to give all living things, including our children, a chance for a bright future.
Sue 2018-11-29 15:50:57 +1100
Fiona 2018-11-29 15:50:52 +1100
Barry Houston
Barry 2018-11-29 15:50:52 +1100
Philippe 2018-11-29 15:50:52 +1100
I’m an ALP member and I can assure you there are thousands of us who feel the urgent need to stand up for our planet. I’m attending the Strike4Climate rally at SA Parliament House tomorrow and will also be attending the ALP National Convention with other members of LEAN. We will fight this, and eventually WE WILL WIN.
Marion 2018-11-29 15:50:52 +1100
I can’t believe this is even coming to a petition; to have the government listen to our own school children. Please stop for a moment and think outside your little bubble – if climate change wasn’t a real and significant thing then all these children wouldn’t have to strike. Please stand up for what’s right and stop coal, listen to the people of Australia and what we want, and stop being so inwardly looking and money hungry. You’re actually here to try and govern and represent the people, not look after your own interests. Do you spare no thought for even your families younger members?
Patricia 2018-11-29 15:50:52 +1100
Face up to the fact you are out of date, out of step and the Adani mine is ecological terrorism.
Sue 2018-11-29 15:50:50 +1100
Stephen Linsenmeier
Stephen 2018-11-29 15:50:49 +1100
Matthew 2018-11-29 15:50:48 +1100
I cannot believe any government would allow this sort of environmentally disasterous project to proceed!
Christine 2018-11-29 15:50:47 +1100
Kevin Tory
Kevin 2018-11-29 15:50:45 +1100
Derek Martin
Derek 2018-11-29 15:50:45 +1100
Lesley Henstridge
Lesley 2018-11-29 15:50:45 +1100
Kristy 2018-11-29 15:50:44 +1100
Penelope 2018-11-29 15:50:44 +1100
Elizabeth 2018-11-29 15:50:42 +1100
Kate 2018-11-29 15:50:42 +1100
nicholas 2018-11-29 15:50:41 +1100
Deb 2018-11-29 15:50:40 +1100
Please listen to our children.
It’s their future that’s in jeopardy.
We are all in deep trouble if you don’t
Doreen 2018-11-29 15:50:39 +1100
liz 2018-11-29 15:50:39 +1100
Irene 2018-11-29 15:50:38 +1100
jo 2018-11-29 15:50:37 +1100
Stop Adani now. It is a disaster waiting to happen.
Craig 2018-11-29 15:50:37 +1100