Government asleep at the wheel while more scientists highlight climate change impact on Murray-Darling

22 February 19

Australia’s biggest coal producer can’t escape climate reality – the Morrison Government shouldn’t either

21 February 19

Academy of Science’s Murray-Darling review sounds another warning about the need for urgent change

18 February 19

Coal plant bid shows emissions reduction fund needs major overhaul before cash injection

15 February 19

Aerial images raise fresh questions about Adani’s polluted floodwater spill into sensitive wetlands

13 February 19

ACF welcomes move to remove cap on water buybacks

12 February 19

New survey shows women will change their lives – and votes – for climate action

11 February 19

Adani must come clean on wetland spill

08 February 19

If Adani has once again broken the law, it must face the consequences.