03 August 16

Environment groups welcome EPA recommendation to reject Yeelirrie uranium proposal

Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Agency recommends the state government not approve proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine.

29 July 16

Money trail and special access linked to mining approvals

Report reveals a web of political donations, special access and secret lobbying behind controversial mining projects. 

27 July 16

Global nuclear industry promoters influencing SA nuclear waste plan

Key adviser to SA Royal Commission is a nuclear ‘true believer’ who was behind a failed attempt to open a global radioactive waste dump in Australia in the 1990s.

21 July 16

Busting a few myths about renewable energy and electricity prices in South Australia

Renewable energy is being wrongly blamed for high energy prices in South Australia.

18 July 16

ACF welcomes new Environment Minister

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Josh Frydenberg as the new Minister for Environment and Energy.

06 July 16

Queensland government must protect rivers from intrusive instream mining

In-stream mining – using heavy machinery to dig up river beds and adjacent alluvial stream banks – must be outlawed in Queensland, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

28 June 16

Where the parties stand on climate, rivers, forests and wildlife

ACF releases final election scorecard.

20 June 16

Cities focus is welcome, but don’t raid clean energy coffers to fund it

The Prime Minister’s focus on making cities greener and more efficient is welcome, but funding for the initiative should be additional, not taken from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s purse, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.