29 April 16

Forum of prominent Australians to prepare roadmap for a clean energy transition

Seventeen prominent Australians from business, academia and the community have come together to establish a Leadership Forum on Energy Transition for Australia.

29 April 16

National radioactive waste search: one site, limited vision

Federal Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg’s decision to short-list a single site in SA’s Flinders Ranges as a possible home for Australia’s radioactive waste is disturbingly familiar to past failed federal approaches, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

28 April 16

Abbott/Turnbull government’s environmental record ‘more bad than good’

As this term of government draws to a close ACF has examined the Abbott/Turnbull government’s environmental record and found much more bad than good.

28 April 16

Coal or coral? Greens plan puts choice in focus

The Greens’ 7-point clean energy plan puts in focus the clear choice Australia faces between coal and the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

27 April 16

Labor signals clean energy ambition

Federal Labor’s climate policy represents an important step towards cleaning up Australia’s energy sector, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

26 April 16

Chernobyl anniversary: call to abandon plan to sell uranium to Ukraine

On today’s 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster national environment group the Australian Conservation Foundation has called for the federal government to abandon its plans to sell uranium to Ukraine.