28 November 16

Call for coal closure becomes a chorus

Senate inquiry calls for national plan to shut coal fired power stations.

25 November 16

Indigenous leaders Micklo Corpus and Regina McKenzie win Rawlinson award

Joint winners for this year's Peter Rawlinson Award.

22 November 16

Murray-Darling Authority beats ‘a visionless retreat’

ACF says Basin Authority's proposed increase to water extraction is without precedent and potentially against the law.

17 November 16

Call for leadership on the Murray-Darling

Stop letting irrigators divert 'environmental water' onto cotton farms.

17 November 16

Australian climate inaction noted on global stage

Ranking of countries released at UN climate negotiations.

15 November 16

Aussies back environment groups against government attempts to silence

Polling shows Australians want environment groups to hold governments to account.

14 November 16

‘It’s only a flesh wound’ – Premier gets it wrong on radioactive waste

Wasted opportunity: Premier refuses to close door on unwelcome plan.

11 November 16

Community joins with Citizen Jury in saying NO to global radioactive waste plan

Big petition calls on SA Premier Weatherill to dump nuclear waste plan.