Queensland land clearing impasse threatens land and reef

19 August 16

Transition to 100% renewable energy: inevitable, essential, achievable

17 August 16

Mulga Rock uranium plan faces serious opposition

15 August 16

Federal Government assessment of Cape York land clearing welcome

11 August 16

Coal closure is inevitable and necessary, so let’s get the transition right

11 August 16

New reports emphasise the need for the federal government to manage the transition carefully.

SA electricity generators make $40–60m profit by gaming the market

10 August 16

A new report examines the reasons behind the recent spikes in electricity prices in South Australia.

Big questions hover over Buru’s Kimberley fracking plans

04 August 16

Why invest in short term, risky fossil fuel industries when so many sustainable options based on the Kimberley’s unique cultural and environmental values are available?

Environment groups welcome EPA recommendation to reject Yeelirrie uranium proposal

03 August 16

Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Agency recommends the state government not approve proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine.