Basin Plan water recovery cut should be deferred until proper scrutiny is ensured

04 May 18

The move to reduce the Southern Basin environmental water recovery target by 605 billion litres is highly premature and environmental reckless and should be deferred.

May Day action for the Murray

01 May 18

Farmers, fishers, environmentalists, artists and other local community members will gather at the Murray Mouth on May Day to send an SOS to Canberra ahead of a crucial vote. 

Great Barrier Reef funding an important step but real climate action needed

29 April 18

National Energy Guarantee gets an ‘F’

20 April 18

Study on coral death on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 is shocking but not surprising

19 April 18

Agriculture review must not weaken already weak environmental protections

29 March 18

Rather than weaken environment laws, our farmers should be supported by our elected representatives to look after nature.

Minister Canavan’s resources task force ignores climate change at our peril

28 March 18

In response to Resources Minister Matt Canavan’s announcement of a taskforce to promote the mining sector, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

Small step forward for Victorian forests, but habitat destruction continues

27 March 18