New approach to environment law needed to stop extinction crisis

07 June 16

Australia needs a new Environment Act that is designed to halt the extinction crisis and an independent authority to implement a strengthened national environment law, the Australian Conservation Foundation said.

Lifelines offered for Australian wildlife

05 June 16

The Greens’ wildlife policy, announced today on World Environment Day, would strengthen and nurture our country’s unique biodiversity, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today in welcoming the plan.

Greens policy will help Australia prepare for future

01 June 16

The Greens’ policy on living with global warming will help Australia in a climate changed world, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

Focus on tourism a smart move for northern Australia

31 May 16

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Labor’s pledge to help northern Australia build sustainable tourism infrastructure and urged the Coalition to make a similar commitment for the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

Environment scorecard: Coalition woeful, lags behind Labor and Greens

31 May 16

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s scorecard rating political parties’ environmental policies out of 100 points has given the Liberal/National coalition 11, Labor 53 and the Greens 77.

All parties should confirm commitment to successful Indigenous Rangers program

27 May 16

The Australian Conservation Foundation has warmly welcomed Labor’s commitment to double the number of Indigenous Rangers to 1,550 by 2020-21 and urged other parties to match this goal.

Labor policy to close shale fracking loophole will protect water

24 May 16

Labor has promised to close a loophole that allowed shale gas fracking to escape federal oversight, the Australian Conservation Foundation said in welcoming the policy.

Queensland’s tree-clearing laws must be strengthened

17 May 16

Leading environment groups will today reiterate the need for stronger vegetation protection laws in Queensland to protect endangered species, ecosystems and the Great Barrier Reef.