Each year, between May and August, over 100,000 oversized molluscs get together in the cool waters off South Australia’s Spencer Gulf for a shot at procreating. 

This aggregation of giant – or Australian – cuttlefish happens nowhere else on Earth and culminates in a heaving, mass-embodiment of the fecundity of our seas…

And then, they all die. For these creatures breed just once in their lifetime, though not before seeking the company of each other – sometimes even human divers – as their curious minds and stunning bodies decay, ending their short, 2-3 year lives.

This is the story of the outrageously beautiful giant cuttlefish – the first weird and wonderful Australian animal to feature in the new podcast, Look at Me.

ACF has partnered with Guardian Australia and Remember the Wild on this six-episode podcast. Listen to the first episode on the Guardian website now or subscribe via iTunes or your favourite podcast app. Just search for Look at Me.

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I was once lucky enough to witness thousands of giant cuttlefish in an iridescent love dance while diving off the Spencer Gulf. It was mesmerising.

Look at Me aims to bring us all a little closer to knowing – and caring – about the extraordinary animals that share our island home.

From elusive marsupial moles to striking blue-banded bees, these are the Australian animals we should know more about. Because like us, these creatures are part of a rich, interconnected web of life.

So join us in celebration of Australia’s unique wildlife by listening to the first episode and subscribing to the Look at Me podcast now.

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Jess Abrahams

Nature lover. Mountain biker. Healthy Ecosystems Campaigner at ACF. Find me in the forest.