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Season 2 of the Look at Me podcast is here!

Tune in for weird and wonderful tales of Australian wildlife. Co-hosted by science journalist Rae Johnston and ecologist Chris McCormack

What is Look at Me?

ACF has teamed up with Remember The Wild and Guardian Australia for a second series of Look at Me, launching 10 March, 2022.

Each week, we'll bring you a new episode featuring some of Australia's lesser-known, but no-less-fascinating wildlife – like superpowered sea slugs, a butterfly that has groupies, and a marsupial mouse with a bizarre sex life.

Listen on the Guardian website, or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your favourite podcast app. Just search for Look at Me.

Missed season 1? Catch up with all the episodes here.

Available episodes

Episode 1: Eltham Copper Butterfly

Imagine outsourcing childcare to a nest of ants. This may not be the best idea for humans, but a certain insect is making it work. Photo: Elaine Bayes/Wetland Revival Trust. 

Episode 2: The Eastern Curlew

In this episode of Look at Me, we hitch a ride with the eastern curlew and meet the zoologist who learnt to fly a plane so she could track their flight path.

Episode 3: Antechinus

The weird, wonderful and ultimately exhausting life of the antechinus.

Episode 4: Malleefowl

The tenacious bird abandoning its young in a giant thermal mound.

Episode 5: Springtails

The scientist who dedicated her life to the mysterious springtail.

Episode 6: Nudibranchs

The underwater punk straight out of the realm of science fiction.

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