Nature everywhere is crying out for help

Australia's stunning forests and woodlands are being destroyed at a devastating rate, and now we can hear Nature's Cry. 

When experiencing trauma through drought or damage, plants make sounds that can travel for several metres. For the first time every, researchers have recorded these sounds using vibrometres (devices that measure vibrations) and incredibly sensitive microphones. They have discovered the almost frantic popping noises that plans make when in distress. 

It's these sounds that underpin Nature's Cry, a new song produced in collaboration with musician and activist, Jack River. 

Nature's Cry is sounding the alarm for urgent action for nature. The Albanese Government is rewriting Australia's failing nature laws for the first time in over 20 years. We need these laws to stop the bulldozers and protect the nature we have left. 

Take action

Listen to Nature's Cry. And then speak up for the rivers, forests, bush and wildlife we have left.