Let’s end the silence around climate damage - with a letter! Let’s write to our neighbours, friends and family, telling them about our hopes and fears. Let’s write about why this matters to us, and why we are a climate voter.

We are all impacted by climate change every day.

You might live near a bushfire zone, or grow veggies in a climate changed garden. You might be an emergency responder, a parent or grandparent, a concerned citizen, a young person or someone who notices frogs, birds and insects are missing from your neighbourhood.

In the final week before the election, will you hand deliver letters to your neighbours?

When people receive personal handwritten notes from people they can identify with, they are more likely to take action on the issue.

So join us in turning out the vote for climate! It’s SO easy. Together, we are a powerful voice for nature. We can (and do!) make a difference.

Whether you decide on a personal handwritten note to each of your neighbours, or a photocopy or print out that you deliver to a few - here are a couple more samples below to get you started:

I know this country is full of good people, people who stand up for what’s right. So I’m asking you to only vote for parties that take climate damage seriously. No more burning coal. It’s time to power australia with renewable energy, so we can keep enjoying life in this beautiful country. This election, will you vote for climate action?

Vote because our planet can’t. Vote while we can still fix this. Vote because you care.

Don't forget to let us know how you go with the form on the right!