Today, the fallout from Fukushima continues. More than 1,000 giant metal tanks hold over a million tonnes of cooling water and groundwater seepage – most of it dangerously radioactive.

Now with little space for new tanks, the Japanese government is planning to release this radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean. The risk to marine life and coastal communities is huge.

Insiders say there is one way to stop this from happening. The delayed Tokyo Olympics are set to kick off in July, and the Japanese government does not want any bad publicity to spoil the party. It’s time for us to speak up.

Send the pre-filled letter to the Ambassador of Japan to Australia to convey our concern over this plan to dump radioactive-contaminated water into the Pacific?

The Ambassador has a direct line to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If enough of us speak out, he can alert the Japanese government to how unpopular the plan is in Australia. The risk of bad publicity could help us stop this very bad plan.

Header image: Pacific Ocean by Berenice Mills