We acknowledge the people from whom we have received a gift through their will most recently, and express our appreciation to their family and friends for their thoughtful generosity. These gifts are truly an expression of how important the natural world has been in their lives.

Mr Denis Ashton
Mr Simon Bromley
Ms Jeanette Campbell
Mrs Judith M Clarke
Mrs Joan Clay
Mrs Shirley Clissold
Mrs Berres Colville
Mr Dennis L Craney
Mrs Jessamine Elliott
Ms Maria L Foguet-Busom
Ms Nicola Franklin
Mr Joseph Garvin
Mr Neville D Gunn
Ms Jennifer L Hunt
Mr Colin Hutchinson
Miss Susan Hutchinson
Mr Peter Krafel
Dr Kwok Poh Lee
Miss Patricia Lindsey
Ms Isabel E MacCallum
Mr Murdoch McPherson
Ms Christina Stead
Mr John D Whittell

Leave a legacy

A gift in your will costs nothing now, but it will power bold change for future generations and protect the places, wildlife and people we love.

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