With our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, we humbly acknowledge those who have left a gift to ACF in their will. Their selfless generosity and thoughtfulness is a testament to the immense value they placed on the natural world and the hope they held for its future. We extend our sincerest thanks to their beloved family and friends for sharing these remarkable individuals with us.

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Anne Ringwood
Ada J Martindale
Adele C Glovasky
Adelheid E Teague
Agnes Jackson
Agnes T Kilroy
Agnes Tolley
Aina Ranke
Alan Hall
Alan Hutton
Alastair Morrison
Alastair Morrison
Albert Ullin
Aleen Hanley
Alfred Rowe
Alice Van Zalen
Alick Goldberg
Allan Coldicutt
Ann Forbes
Anne E Roxburgh
Anton Bon
Arthur Boothroyd
Arthur Harrold
Barbara Winkley
Barbara Winkley
Barry Moore
Barry Woods
Berres Colville
Beryl Cooley
Beryl D Phillips
Besse I Bramsen
Betty Gerdsen
Betty Westwood
Brent J Couper
Brian Callen
Brian Mulvany
Brian R Abel
Brian Williams
Brigid H Bruer
Bronte Pulsford
Bruce L Dover
Bruce Symonds
Clement B Christesen
C S Williams
Carl Bendix
Caroline Cheah
Carolyn Fielden
Carolyn Rawlins
Cath Shepparbottom
Catherine White
Cecily Dignan
Charles Roxburgh
Chris Burrowes
Christina Fitzsimons
Christina Stead
Christine Borowich
Christine Bridgart
Christobel Mattingley
Clarence M Burke
Colin Hutchinson
Constance G Levett
Constance Tate
Coral O'Hara
Cyril Boudry
Daphne C Spencer
Daryl Keeble
David A Brand
David Bryce
David Gould
David J Edwards
Denis Ashton
Denis Craney
Denis L Craney
Donald B Taylor
Doreen L Jones
Dorothy Cole
Dorothy Reynolds
Dougald McLean
Douglas Schintler
Elisabeth C Fabinyi
E M Tattersall
E North
E Thurston
E Yule
Edmund F Matecki
Edyth Conyers
Eleanor A Kiddle
Elizabeth P McMahon
Elizabeth V Conabere
Ena B Stewart
Eugenie L Rosewarne
Ewa M Inglis
Flora McDonald
Frances Crump
Frances Hotchin
Frank Rigby
Frederick Rogers
G H Briggs
Geraldine Sutherland
Geoff Kruse
Geoffrey W Anderson
George Francis


George W Dalton
Geraldine M Spencer
Gladys Ball
Grace E Fraser
Gwen Gardner
Gwen Keir
Gwynneth A Oxnam
Henry Paglino
Hans Bandler
Heather Graham
Heather Seaton
Helen Black
Helen Curtis
Helen F Finnie
Helen M McCauley
Helen M Drake
Helen Taylor
Hilary Webster
Hilda B Hungerford
Honor C Wilson
Hope Clayton
Hope R Reilly
Hugh Bignold
Ian J Sappay
Ilka Tywin
Inez Armitage
Irena Nevins
Irene Rush
Isabel E MacCallum
Iva Young
Ivy Hart
Jessie I Toghill
J R Gillies
J W Hornabrook
Jack Whittell
James Fullarton
James G Somerville
Jan Brumley
Janet Rover
Janice P Holmes
Jean Edgecombe
Jean Falconer
Jean Moppett
Jean Pearce
Jean R Dagger
Jean Richards
Jeanette Campbell
Jennifer L Hunt
Jennifer Morrison
Jessamine Elliott
Joan E Pearson-Gow
Joan Longmore
Joan M Clay
Joan Viner
Jocelyn M Van Haren
John Atkinson
John Brooks
John C Grasby
John H Beale
John Riddell
John S Bentley
John Walker
Joseph Garvin
Joyce Barrett
Joyce E Raymond
Judith M Butler
Judith M Clarke
Judith Wright-McKinney
K M Reid
Kathleen Holmes
Kaye Hawkes
Keith J Cathro
Keith K Smith
Keith R Ross
Keith Williams
Kenneth F Cotter
Lili K Heyde
Lavinia Sinclair
Liilian Thacker
Lionel A Missen
Lois M Radford
Loris Grote
Lorna P Carroll
Lorraine Winks
Louis C Birch
M A Greig
M Humphreys
Margaret M Anderson
Margaret Bowman
Margaret J Droughton
Margaret Meisenhelter
Margaret Myfanwy Van
Margaret R Fryer
Margaret Willimott
Margery Cross
Margie Fenn
Maria L Foguet-Busom
Marian Bear
Marian Parker
Marie de Montfort Youngman


Marie J Hammond
Marie-Francoise Thompson
Marie-Luise Gale
Marion Vincent
Marjorie Bentley
Marjorie Hood
Marjorie J Harrold
Marjory A West
Mark G Webb
Mary A Hedgemont
Mary Christie
Mary H Hutchinson
Mary Johnston
Mary MacDonnell
Mary McDonald
Mary Wray
Marylyn C Johnson
Mavis J Mathews
Max G Chapman
Maxwell W Sturcke
Maynard Davies
Melville S Withers
Michael Fraser
Michael Jones
Mike Groves
Mollie V Rowell
N M Burgess
N M Douglass
Neil Smalley
Neville D Gunn
Nicola Franklin
Noreen E Butterley
Philip F Woods
P M Guthridge
Pamela Morse
Pamela Von Nida
Patricia A Davies
Patricia A McHugh
Patricia E Gallaher
Patricia Gwynne
Patricia Hailstone
Patricia Lindsey
Paul Kwok Poh Lee
Paul Strong
Pauline M Johnston
Peggy S Frayne
Penny van Toorn
Peter Hendry
Peter Krafel
Philippa Carter & Peter Currie Foundation Trust
Robert Alfred Williams
R E Dreaper
Robert G Bridgeford
Reginald G Kahler
Rachel Dempster
Raymond A Forsyth
Rein Nittim
Rob Sturrock
Robert Griffiths
Robert J Turner
Robert S Sweney
Roger S Sheppeard
Roland Good
Rose Allaway
Rosemary Arnot
Rosemary N Arnot
Ross M Murray
Russell Hemingway
Ruth A McAlister
Ruth H Gray
Sally Wykes
Sandra Charles
Sebastian J Campbell
Sheila M Rooke
Shirley Allen
Shirley Clissold
Shirley Loney
Sidney David Forsey
Simon Bromley
Sonia Simms
Stanley Jackson
Stephen Johnson
Susan E Hutchinson
Suzanne Butterworth
Sybil Mainwaring 
Sylvia Monk
T Lang
Terence Wollaston
Thomas C Scally
Tom Kantor
Tom Rosauer
Trevor N Pound
Valda Hickey
Vera Duncker
Vera Murdoch
Veronica Barbeler
Veronica Waters
Violet Harding
Vladadimir Jerabek
William Keatley
William Sperber
Winifred M Seel
Winsome Gregory

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