ACF has exposed the potentially illegal bulldozing of 250 hectares of woodland habitat of the regent honeyeater – one of Australia’s rarest birds that is clinging on for survival.

As few as 250 regent honeyeaters remain in the wild, yet a prominent beef producer near Armidale (NSW) has just flattened crucial swathes of the bird’s dwindling habitat with no approval under our national nature laws.

The regent honeyeater is listed federally as critically endangered and is the federal government’s responsibility to protect. Our national nature laws are clearly failing to protect our most vulnerable animals.

Forward this letter to Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek calling on the federal government to:

  1. Make sure this shocking habitat destruction is fully investigated
  2. Deliver strong new environment laws that are properly enforced without delay

How to boost your impact:

  • Write a unique subject line so it stands out in their inbox. Make it polite, and to the point.
  • Personalise the letter. Add a few lines about why you care about protecting threatened wildlife and Australia's unique nature. This really increases the impact on the reader!