ACF has exposed potentially illegal bulldozing of 250 hectares of woodland habitat of the regent honeyeater – one of Australia’s rarest birds that is clinging on for survival.

As few as 250 regent honeyeaters remain in the wild, yet a prominent beef producer near Armidale (NSW) has just flattened crucial swathes of the bird’s dwindling habitat with no approval under our national nature laws.

The regent honeyeater is listed nationally as critically endangered and is the federal government’s responsibility to protect. Our national nature laws are clearly failing to protect our most vulnerable animals.

Write a quick email to Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to call on the federal government to:

  1. Make sure this shocking habitat destruction is fully investigated.
  2. Deliver strong new environment laws that are properly enforced without delay.

More talking points:

  • The longer we wait for new laws the more critical habitat will be destroyed with no oversight, and the closer our threatened species will be pushed towards extinction.
  • Without urgent action the regent honeyeater is expected to disappear completely within a decade or two.
  • The poor enforcement of our weak national nature laws is failing to protect our most vulnerable animals and plants in cases like this.

Tips for writing a great email:

  • An effective email can be short and sweet.
  • Make your key points clearly and politely.
  • Politicians are swayed by the thoughts and feelings of the people they represent.
  • Remember to introduce who you are, your connection to nature and why you care.