Environment groups have commended the Labor Party for affirming its opposition to the so-called ‘one stop shop’ – a proposal that would hand approvals on Matters of National Environmental Significance to conflicted state and territory governments.

Places You Love Alliance, a coalition of more than 40 Australian environment groups, said a ‘one stop shop’ for environmental approvals was in practice an ‘eight stop shop’ that would create an administrative nightmare and significantly weaken protection for Australia’s unique places and wildlife.

“A ‘one stop shop’ would leave state governments in charge of assessing uranium mines and projects that would affect World Heritage areas and internationally recognised wetlands,” said the Australian Conservation Foundation’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy.

“State governments are not the appropriate level of government to assess matters of national significance; we are pleased the ALP has acknowledged this by putting the ‘one stop shop’ policy where it belongs – in the bin,” she said.

“We are encouraged by commitments in the ALP National Platform to better protect the environment, including a strong focus on biodiversity, marine and coastal protection and the structure of a National Environmental Law,” said Lyndon Schneiders, National Campaign Director of The Wilderness Society.

“We support the emphasis on independent, well-informed institutions that work to enhance the environment, and the acknowledgement that a healthy environment provides long-term jobs,” he said.

“The ‘one stop shop’ is an inherently flawed concept because there is a pivotal role for the national government to assess matters of national significance and to properly protect the birds, animals and landscapes Australians love and value,” said Samantha Vine, convenor of the Places You Love alliance.

“Places You Love will continue to work with all sides of politics until the ‘one stop shop’ is dropped from all political party platforms and replaced by a commitment to protect the environment for the long-term economic security of our nation,” said Samantha Vine, convenor of the Places You Love alliance.

The Places You Love alliance is Australia’s largest ever environmental collaboration, representing more than 40 conservation organisations across the nation.

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