Corporate interests have been able to buy out Australian politicians for too long. Using their dollar bill influence, big businesses get away with disregarding environmental damage, slowing the transition to renewable energy sources, and steamrolling genuine community concern.

But not for much longer, if we work together to have our say.

Labor is about to review recommendations by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters and needs to hear from the public now to ensure the revised electoral laws keep big money out of Australian politics.

Transparency of the electoral system and truth in political advertising will help protect nature and climate, regardless of which government is in power.

Good laws now will continue to benefit the planet for years to come.

So act now. Write to your local Labor Senator/s that the new laws must ensure:

  1. We expose the secret slush funds from big corporations, fundraising dinners and political front groups
  2. We protect integrity and limit dangerous misinformation with strong laws for truth in political advertising
  3. Any limits on donations and spending ensure political parties can’t rig the system in their favour
  4. Community advocacy is protected, and not tied down with red tape.