In a new collaboration between the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Intrepid Travel - a group of 11 ACF supporters this week travelled to Cape York Peninsula as part of a pilot trip, guided by Olkola elders and expert guides.

Following the historic land handover of 737,320 hectares of land in Cape York Peninsula to the Olkola last December, ACF is now delighted to be working with the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation and Intrepid Travel to open up new eco-tourism and employment opportunities in Olkola traditional homelands.

“ACF’s key role in this has been to support the Olkola in bringing tangible opportunities in employment and enterprise in celebration of their country and its return last December,” said ACF Northern Australia Manager Graham Tupper.

“This kind of eco and cultural tourism has the potential to create an ongoing income and employment stream for the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation.”

Amanda Hogbin, CEO Olkola Aboriginal Corporation, says: “The Olkola people want to develop sustainable livelihoods and live on country. Olkola country is in a remote area of Cape York and we recognise that we need to be smart about our enterprise and development if it is going to work. That means working with an established business while we develop our expertise and our business model. Olkola are partnering with Intrepid Travel because of the company’s investment in responsible tourism.”

Geoff Manchester, Intrepid Co-founder said: “Intrepid is proud to be involved in the development of Olkola’s eco-tourism business.

“We’ve been helping Olkola build a sustainable tourism model, from advising on the development of trips to providing training for guides. Not only will this give tourists to Cape York a unique, cultural experience but it will generate income to the Olkola people and help protect their land and culture for generations to come.”

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