Climate damage stops with us. Here. Now.

We can’t wait another three years for our elected representatives to get their act together.

That’s why, right across Australia, we’re growing a huge campaign for our planet and the people we love. In the lead up to the next election, we’re talking to people everywhere about why stopping climate damage matters and inspiring them to use their voices and voices. We’re aiming for a million conversations!

Right now, teams of volunteers all over the country are surveying people on how they feel about stopping climate damage to demonstrate how many people in each local area care. The more conversations we have, the more community power we can demonstrate to our local MPs.

Will you join a community climate survey near you? Sign up below!

Or host your own community survey! Here are the step-by-step instructions and everything you need.


Holt – Sunday 24 June from 11am-2pm – RSVP NOW

Mitchell – Saturday 30 June from 9-11am – RSVP NOW

Kingston – Sunday 1 July from 9:30-11:30am – RSVP NOW


Avoca Beach – Saturday 23 June from 9:30am-2:30pm – RSVP NOW

Candelo – Sunday 1 July from 9am-12pm – RSVP NOW


Kelvin Grove – Saturday 30 June from 7am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Wynnum – Saturday 30 June from 8am-11am – RSVP NOW

Manly – Saturday 30 June from 8am-11am – RSVP NOW

Cannon Hill – Saturday 30 June from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Townsville – Saturday 30 June from 9am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Airlie Beach – Saturday 30 June from 10am-12pm – RSVP NOW

West End – Saturday 7 July from 8am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Rocklea – Saturday 21 July from 7-10am – RSVP NOW


Gawler – Thursday 21 June from 3-7pm – RSVP NOW

Mount Barker – Saturday 23 June from 8:40-11am – RSVP NOW

Marleston – Saturday 23 June from 11am-2pm – RSVP NOW

Torrens Park – Saturday 23 June from from 11am-2pm – RSVP NOW

Mount Barker – Saturday 30 June from 8:30-11:30am – RSVP NOW

Brighton Beach – Saturday 30 June from 2-5pm – RSVP NOW

Norton Summit – Saturday 7 July from 10am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Glenelg – Saturday 7 July from 11am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Willunga – Saturday 21 July from 9am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Blackwood – Sunday 29 July from 11am-3pm – RSVP NOW

Blackwood – Saturday 4 August from 1-3pm – RSVP NOW


Grove – Saturday 23 June from 10am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Hobart CBD – Saturday 23 June from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

New Town – Friday 29 June from 10am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Hobart CBD – Sunday 1 July from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Glaziers Bay – Sunday 1 July from 2-5pm – RSVP NOW

Sorell – Wednesday 4 July from 10am – RSVP NOW


Mordialloc – Tuesday 19 June from from 10.30am-12.30pm – RSVP NOW

Sandringham – Saturday 23 June from 9am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Carlton – Saturday 23 June from 10.30am-12.30pm – RSVP NOW

Middle Park – Saturday 23 June from 11am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Northcote – Saturday 23 June from 12-2pm – RSVP NOW

Abbotsford – Saturday 23 June from 2-4pm – RSVP NOW

Brunswick East – Saturday 23 June from 4:30-8:30pm – RSVP NOW

Greensborough – Sunday 24 June from 1-3pm – RSVP NOW

Warrandyte – Sunday 24 June from 2-3.30pm – RSVP NOW

Bendigo – Saturday 30 June from 10am-2pm –RSVP NOW

Fairfield – Saturday 30 June from 10am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Heidelberg – Saturday 30 June from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Forest Hill – Saturday 30 June from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

St Kilda – Saturday 30 June from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Fairfield Boathouse – Saturday 30 June from 12-3pm – RSVP NOW

Southbank – Saturday 30 June from 1-4pm – RSVP NOW

Mount Waverley – Saturday 30 June from 1-4pm – RSVP NOW

Preston – Saturday 14 July from 10am-1pm – RSVP NOW

Bentleigh East – Saturday 28 July from 9:30am-12:30pm – RSVP NOW


Roleystone – Saturday 23 June from 8:30am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Beaconsfield – Sunday 24 June from 9am-12pm – RSVP NOW

Bayswater – Saturday 7 July from 3:30-5:30pm – RSVP NOW

North Perth Saturday 14 July from 9am-11.30am – RSVP NOW

Having face-to-face conversations with people in our communities is a powerful way to make lasting change. People forget a TV ad in a few days, but they remember personal and meaningful conversations for a long time. By having real conversations, we can remind voters why this matters.

Together, we can demonstrate we’re much more than concerned individuals – people in our communities care deeply about stopping climate damage and are prepared to vote on it. When political parties hear from enough voters in electorates right across Australia, they’ll realise this is something they can no longer ignore.

Together, let's make stopping climate damage such a big election issue that our next government will have no choice but to step up and act. Here. Now. Not later.

So let's get on with it!