Join a calling party and help us inundate the offices of government decision-makers with calls demanding a stronger Safeguard Mechanism over a crucial two-week period in February and March.

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A strong Safeguard Mechanism now would:

  • make Australia’s biggest polluters actually cut emissions at their facilities this decade
  • make it tougher to open new coal and gas projects
  • and get Australia to its 43% emissions reduction target – and beyond!

What's a calling party?

At a calling party (also known as phone banking) volunteers call people to have a quick chat and ask them to take action.

At these calling parties, we'll be calling people from the ACF community who are concerned about climate change and asking to patch them through to the office of a key government decision-maker – so that they too can demand a stronger Safeguard Mechanism.

Each calling party will start with an in-depth demonstration and there will be ACF staff to support you the whole time. 

Join a calling party now and help us to reach thousands of people, patch them through to decision-makers and build a wave of pressure on the Albanese Government to safeguard our future.

Why phone calls?

  • Calls from constituents to elected representatives' offices are direct and immediate – and if done en masse they can quickly raise an issue's significance
  • Calling decision-makers is one of the most powerful ways to participate in Australian democracy – especially when there are quick decision timelines, like on the Safeguard Mechanism
  • Real conversations with volunteers over the phone are incredibly effective at helping more people take action

Why now? 

The calling parties will occur during a two-week period immediately after public submissions on the Safeguard Mechanism close – it is a critical window of time when government members will be:

  • most attentive to constituent concerns about the Safeguard Mechanism
  • making their final decisions on the Safeguard Mechanism

Together we can build enough pressure to make the Albanese Government close the loopholes in its draft Safeguard Mechanism so that:

  • polluters are required to make genuine emission reductions
  • it's tougher to open new coal and gas projects
  • and Australia reaches its 43% emissions reduction target – and beyond!

What do I need to bring?

In-person calling parties

  • A smartphone
  • headphones that plug into your smartphone
  • A laptop or tablet in addition to your smartphone

Online calling parties

  • A smartphone
  • A desktop, laptop or tablet in addition to your smartphone

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