Hosting a Planet A Action Hour is a great way to bring people together who you know – or suspect – care deeply about climate change.

Think about people you’ve had conversations with, or who have engaged with content you’ve shared on social media. Make a list of people you’d like to approach, then contact them individually to ask if they would:

  • Watch the first episode of Fight for Planet A (available to stream on ABC iview, it’s just over one hour long), then;
  • Come to your Planet A Action Hour to debrief and take action with you.

You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by people’s responses! We know the vast majority of people in Australia want better climate action, but many don’t know how what to do about it – so an invitation from someone they trust is a great way to get involved.

Sample message to invite others: Hi <name>, hope you are well. Have you heard about the new ABC program ‘Fight for Planet A’? It’s about climate change, and I’m hoping to get a few people together after watching the first episode to debrief and take action together. I’ve got some resources from the Australian Conservation Foundation that can guide us in making a difference on these issues. Would you be interested in watching the show, then coming along to my ‘Planet A Action Hour’?